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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

She smokes that peyote.

Man, I've been doing this blog for a long time. I'm in for another, and possibly last blog I post on this.

Another ridiculous nights the past weekend, I hardly remember shit.  The weekend starts off with a little bit of what the fuck I can't remember, and ends with me hitting a beezy on the beach with my new friend Sweet Tea.  Yeah, I said Sweet Tea.  I'm not talking about Mcdonald's either.  I'm talking about that Diva Flavor who sparks that good shit.  I met her underneath the pier at my cities beach, hanging out with her 6"2 Jamaican boy, named Ron.  I was just walking along the pier, checking for some hermit crabs, ($7 a fucking hermit crab @ the pet store). I walked up to them, and Ron seemed pretty apprehensive, till he realized I wasn't a cop. He was about as jamaican as that shit gets.


Later that evening I met a drunk thick red bone, and almost headed home.  She was batshit crazy, drunk, and dtf.  I had a bit of fun and bailed, leaving her drunk ass in the street 5 blocks away from her house. Pretty ridiculous, she just pulled her bathing suit down and started pissing like 3 feet away from me.  This was odd to me, because I pretend that girl's don't piss/shit.  Their girls man, they smell flowers and read cosmo.

  The next track I'm posting is "In the Dark", by Tiesto.  The song has really catchy male vocals, that fade right in and out like something in a Armin Van Buuren Trance set @ ultra.

Check it!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Ego Bruising

I'm back again in this blog.  I've been out doing stupid shit...but have gotten some cool projects started up, and expanding my hobbies.

Aha, so how about I'm driving down a really popular street in my city, and another honda pulls up besides mine. Seeing it is a prelude, and mine is an accord, I'm not too thrilled about this.  I like preludes, but nothing comes in the way of me and my accord.  It was a cockfest in the prelude, two dudes were maxing it out in their car.  I begin to accelerate a bit more to pass them. It was on.  The prelude speeds up and begins accelerating to roughly 6k RPMS, and I begin milking my 4 cylinder for all of its worth.  As Im passing 4k Rpms, a dodge ram to the right of me comes up, and starts charging his cylinders with full force.  In response to this, I floor the car to maximum speed, and am making headway, right until the bungie cords that catch my hood begin to fly up, and the car hood cocks up halfway.  In this hilarity, I have to laugh at myself for both looking like a dillhole, and managing to almost kill myself.  I'm fixing the hood as we speak.

Anyway, my next track I wanted to post was a remix of a amazing track by the crystal method, "Trip like I do." The remix was done by Tom Real, and is a great remix.  Tom takes out the serious male vocals, cuts in the psychedelic female vocals, and then makes the entire clusterfuck tune to the beat of a low bass crunch, and hard electrodrum sounds.  Hear how trippy the girls voices sound?  Check this out;

According to this fan site (, the voice in the background is a girl who Scott (member of the crystal method) had met at a club who called him up a few days later, while she was tripping, and left that message on the answering machine. 

The way she sounds really captures a club girl strung out on drugs.  It's awesome.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Fourth of Julius Caesar

Wooh.  Whats up guys?  Posting this at 6:24 A.M., still stacked up from last nights festivities.

But Electroexperience, weren't you out drinking and partying and celebrating fireworks? You must be exhausted!

I am.  I'm running on fumes, literally.  I've got adderall and monster keeping my brain on a balance.  I can't really tell you how I feel right now, because my head is in such a split, I really don't know.

Where to start;  I left my friends place around 3 ish, and headed out to pick up a good friend from her hotel.  This part of the city is amazing, with beautiful girls literally pouring out on the streets on their bikes, and longboards.

Anyway, I get to my friends hotel and she wants me to meet her mom.  Her crazy asian mom was pretty intense, I had the pleasure of exchanging a couple words with her, until she fretted off to talk to the hotel clerk.  What is it with flip moms? Their all over the place.

We dipped out to the nearest city, Palm Coast.  All my friends came out with their family, and major fireworks ensued.  My friends were doing their own shit, so I dipped out and had a bit of 'celebration water'.

This is where shit gets fun.  I hear music playing up the street, and it's this local girl playing a pop cover of flyleaf.  I am down with this.  I begin dancing mercilessly.  What I was doing looked like a mixture of hardcores two step, and a bit of wild drunken flailing.  She ends the song and lets her bandmates play a instrumental song.  We all know how fucking boring instrumental songs are.

Suddenly, I hear "LET ME GO ONNNNNNNNN, LIKE A BLISTER IN THE SUN".  Fucking love that song!  I ran half a mile up the street to dance the night away to that shit.  I was covered in sweat, and a old guy handed me a couple napkins. I unno if you guys have ever danced drunk as piss in public, but it can be a pretty intimidating thing, even with 'liquid courage'.
If you haven't heard this song, you need to now.

I'm going to learn this song on acoustic, for sure.

In other news, I met a stripper the other day, that a friend brought by.  She was incredibly skinny, and freaked me out.  It only took 30 seconds for me to get the vibe that she was crazy, but I decided to fuck with her anyway.  Turns out she was jittery because she hadn't done coke in two days, and charges $30 for a VIP dance.  She had a pillow stuffed animal she called moocow, and she stroked it's fur while making weird noises.  After awhile she started imitating a cat, (eruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuhhhh) and I really got freaked out.

Makes me wonder why alot of guys fantasize about strippers.  A shit load of them are crazy.

Anyway;  I have to post this next song, even though the producer who made it is a total sellout for fame.  I know that I normally post more house and actual dance, but I had to snag this off the top 40's, because it is just that awesome.

Aha, sike.  I just posted this because it has tha lovely minaj in it, and I can't get enough of her split personality goodness.  This track is called "where them girls at", by david guetta featuring Flo Rida, and Nicki Minaj.
Peep it guys

Edit:  Is it just me, or does David Guetta use the same exact 4/4 club pattern and synth effects in every  mainstream song he does.  Listen to the rolling snares in the hook in this song, and compare it to one of his other songs, "sexy bitch".   Listen to the drum beat/melody.  It's the same thing!

At least tiesto was cool when he did that collaboration with three six mafia.

opinions? gimme em.;


Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Shittin' On Slimy Lettuce

Hey guys;  just ordered a sausage Burrito from Mcdonald's.  The verdict: it sucks.  Don't get it.

I am now at taco bell, eating a beef and bean burrito for 89 cents. 

Beef and Bean burrito< Sausage Burrito<Skipping class like a boss

Anyways, I wanted to post this while I'm sitting here listening to it;

This track is by Nicki Minaj, it's titled "Shittin on em".  If you can find the actual music video, you'll see Nicki on stage, waving a dildo in front of her. ("If I had a dick, I'd whip it out and piss on em"). MMM, Nicki.  I know she's crazy as shit, but you know what they say about crazy girls...

check it guys.

Saturday, June 25, 2011


Hey guys.  Back again for more blogging glory..

Have been out and about lately, with a plethora of adventures that'd really only make sense to myself.

The most interesting thing to happen to me lately?  Sit on a toilet stoned, watching an ipad video for wii u 2.
haha, just kidding.

Nah, but I did roll my first decent j.  The j had TOBACCO IN IT, folks. It was pretty cool.

I used to detest 'dubstep', because it was 'mainstream bro', but I'm starting to grow a love for skillex's Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites'.  The melody in the voice he uses is amazing.  The rest of dubstep? Mostly shit.

Unfortunately to all your skrillex fans, Im not posting that song today.

My next favorite song for the week has been "Uffie - Ft. Pharrell" ADD. SUV- Arman Van Held Remix

Uffie's voice is perfectly synched to her image in this song, it gives it a mystical effect.  Couple Uffie's song with the sounding drums and the VENGA, and your good to go. The way the male artist in this song sings about ADD, describes my life perfectly.  Check the lyrics below.

Check the lyrics below.

Sometimes I wake up in my bed
And I don't know where I've been
Heart tells me I trip to a cloud nine
Headache says that things just take
I wake up in the valley of dolls and walls surrounding me
Blonde ambitions, offerin mother's little yellow (?) helpers

Helpers helpers, helpers

Country club martini crew
Extra olives just won't do
Valium makes your soul get higher
And enables faking fire
Queen bees lose to wasps
Ritalin filled debutante
when you don't like what you see
Hiding's easy in a SUV

Schizophrenic, photogenic
Psychogenic, hallucinogenic,
manic depressive aggressive
psycho warps are supersessive
attention deficit disorder
handheld casette recorder

ADD (yeah) ADD (yeah)
SUV (yeah) SUV (yeah)

Pharrell Williams
Uh I gotta call my friend
Wait a minute, what i say i gotta do again?
Minute to minute, i feel like i'm in
The movie momento but i don't have a pen
Wait a minute hey, hey
This the type of beat that make the ghetto girls play
Take a hit of haze, it's in the drain
You wish you seen p, man you know she couldn't hate
That ghetto p, and that ghetto cash
My ghetto eyes on her ghetto @ss
You probably wanna know what planet we on
Can't help if I see everything in neon

Schizophrenic, photogenic
Psychogenic, hallucinogenic,
manic depressive aggressive
psycho warps are supersessive
attention deficit disorder
handheld casette recorder

Pharrell Williams
I know they think that we have lost it
My mom keeps tellin me that I should stop it
See what I like and Im gon' cop it
............ sh!t, Im gon' top it
With the ADD makes you crazy me
They can't see, that's why they blame me
Tell the women hi, I dip and dive
I skip and fly, Im a different guy

When I open up my eyes
Sometimes I don't know where I've been
Heart tells me I trip to a cloud nine
Headache says that things just sit
I'm driving in the suv add takes over me
Cruise control, rights for powers
So the dolls can clear with nose powder
Pull up anekatips to another game
Their party host with a malibu barbie
Pretty in pink princesses, candy flowers, fresh bushes

(skateboard, mirwais)
(ed banger)
(busy p)

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Freshen UP

Okay guys, I admit it.  I am a consumerist to the max.  I will buy shit I don't even need, whenever I don't need it.     After that I will hate myself for the consequences later.

Speaking of consequences...where did my $80 go today?

Oh right, I blew it at the mall.  Lovely.

I can't say much interesting happened today, just general bullshitting around campus and playing pool.  Finals are tommorow, so it's crunchtime.

Speaking of crunch time.  Crunch on this next track I want to share.

This next track is a crunchy blend of funky saws and african sounding drums mixed with a bit of dubstep influence.  Check this out.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Shit happens.

Back with another jampacked action post festivities.  The other day a friend invited me to come smoke hookah with him and his buddies.  I knew they'd be pre gaming as always, so I brought one of my female friends over, (she was in dire need of a smoke).  What happens next?  Same thing you'd expect when 6 people crowd around a table and get smashed/fucked up.

booze, lots of booze.  Some dude was telling me how amazing it is in vietnam/thailand, and some crazy military stories.  By this point I was really fucked up, and bored.  They brought out this old looking hot sauce, and challenged me and my friend to try it.  Upon first glance I thought, "the fuck is this?!" It had a spider on the bottle, and said "NO SURVIVORS!"

This is the bottle; "Widow Hot Sauce-No Survivors"

So me and my friend put dabs on each of our fingers.  I had a pretty good sized amount, and he had a little bitch amount, so I made him re-dab.  We count to three, and I put the hot sauce in my mouth, while he holds out.  He laughs, and instantly I feel the heat piercing my skull.  Every part of my mouth hurt and burned, like there was no tommorow.  I grabbed the nearest four loko lemonade wannabe, and chugged it.  (Not a good idea, hot sauce + alcohol).

It was shit.  I ate a bunch of bread, and it wore off after time.  After we took our dabs, everyone else took a dab, (except my female friend), and I couldn't stand her being a vagina about it, so I pushed a finger filled dab into her teeth.  She was mmmmmmmmmmmmmad, bro.

Now everyones like "OH SHI".

Fun laughs we're had.

Anyway, the only other (ridiculous) thing to happen, was one of the guys snorting bread.  Yes, you read that right, a guy snorted bread.  but, electroexperience, how do you snort bread?  You chop it up into fine crumbs, take your nose down, and inhale.  My friend promised to show her tits if he snorted bread, so he was down.  He snorted it twice, with each of us getting a flash each time : ).

After that we left, and I almost punched my faggot friend, for making me take my friend home fucked up @ 5 in the morning.

Story times over;  The next track I have for the blog is a black chick shique dubstep inspired track, that kind of pertains to my life in some ways.  Cool vibe the girl has, check it OUT!

Damn, she's cute ; )

Also: MY FIRST $100 in adsense totals!  Thanks guys, keep supporting this blog : )

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Look at me now, look at me now.

Hey guys, been awhile since posting last.  Been overwhelmed, I have a major school work backup, not to mention a new copy of fallout new vegas ;).

Latest adventures?  Not much really.  Have toned down my thrillseeking in favor of books.  Eh, coolest thing to happen lately is me almost catching a Ipod Touch from a machine, for my birthday. Got Robbed, though.

Speaking of birthday, I got 22 happy birthdays on facebook.  Is anyone jelly?  I used to hate birthdays when people wouldn't say a damn thing to you, or forgot your birthday.  So if it's anyones birthday today, Happy Birthday.  Your awesome, and should celebrate every day you've been alive, not just the day you were born.

Anyway;  I haven't been listening to much house/electronica lately either.  I've been peeping Nicki Minaj's "Roman's Revenge", though. 

This is a pretty bomb fucking song, where Nicki Minaj and Eminem collaborate their "alter ego's" (slim shady, 'Roman' Nicky's alter ego), basically both of them making music expressing their angry personalities.

Everyone knows Nicki Minaj, and Eminem are fucking crazy.  Think I'm kidding?   Checkout where she's showcasing her 'alterego', to chelsea lately.  She's definitely a total "gangsta bitch".  I'll help take control of her ;)

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

HAM, Hungry As a Motherfuuu

Hey guys, back again, after a while.  Why the lack of posts? College, constant college work.  Also a bit of my habitual consciousness activities in progress instead of working on college work, and getting backed up and not feeling like doing shit, cause there is so much work to do.


Anyway, a interesting story from my life....;  Almost beat a guy at cutthroat today, (I suck at pool).  Ended up getting mopped off the table at the last shot, so I went home. A friend of mine stopped by with her friend, and we went exploring at some local hills.  What happened next?  A shopping cart get's pushed down a hill and into the water.  Then I tried moving this 300 pound pipe 15 feet up a hill, just so I could get enough momentum to get it to roll into the nearby lake.  I still have a fucking headache from that.

Side Rant: I really like the atmosphere of my college's game room, it's chilled out and kind of competitive, in a non HUR DUR I AM KING OF TABLES, I AM THE SHIT way.  Everytime you walk by a laptop it's either

a.) Minecraft on the screen
b.) Nintendo 64 emulator
c.) Facebook

I still haven't caught anyone on 4chan, so I think things are fine.  Some kid's play some form of marvel vs. capcom on a xbox.  Other than that, the classes are long and dull, exception of psych class.  That's hell of interesting.  I give my college a C+

Onto ze song.  I was originally going to play a catchy quirky deadmau5 song, but I decided this is way better.
This next track is a remix of a original song, called "Insomnia".  This remix is by tiesto, and is literally amazing. Tiesto takes the vocals from the track and puts his own dance 4 life male vocal mix to it, giving the song a whole new effect.  After he builds up the sweet melody in silence, he then drops a hard hitting dance breakdown at the end of the song, which is all too sweet.

If you haven't heard this, listen to it now.  It's euphoric.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

It's illegal to flirt, when we at work;

I've been lacking on the blogging lately, I really need to get my shit together.

A excerpt from my life lately, and a song, let's do this...

Well, last night I spent all day in @ school, and slept two hours.  A friend called me to return her wallet to her place, and she'd share some of her skunky funky smelling green shit. Green Jello, I'll call it. I get down there, and she's not home.  Eventually she pulls up in her friends car, and I give her her shit. We go for a walk, and she shares her jello with me. We then started walking back to the car, and my friend wants to hit up mcd's.  Satisfied, I head to the mcdonald's a good 3 miles away, and try ordering 6 piece chicken mcnuggets for a dollar, only to realize that isn't valid until 10 : 30 in the morning on the next day.  So I order the usual mcdouble/fries/tea, and get the fuck out.  The next thing I know I see the boy's in blue, pull up right behind me and turn their lights on.

Good evening officer.  Is there something wrong?

"Are you aware your tail light is out?"  "Yes I do, I'm on my way to my friend's house to get a new bulb now."
Okay, let me see your ID's... We all hand him our ID's.

O SHI, there's green jello in the car!  My friend hands me her green jello and I proceed to eat all of it, a good $10 worth of jello.  I'm pretty shookup, just making small talk with my passengers to keep me from losing my nerves.  The cop comes back, hand's me the id's, and tells me to get it fixed.

WHOO.  Don't know how many more angel's I got to save me, SHIAT.

Now that the punch lines over, I might as well include that my car is a rolling cop attention grabbing POS.  Part of the exhaust isn't attached, so the engine's noise can be heard a block away.  The front right mirror is broken off, and my tail light was out.  The hood is a shitty tacky color, and is attached by bungie cords.  This isn't one of those chamillionaire trying to catch me riding dirty type of mercede's benz, it's a beater.

Alright.  Now it's time to post a song.  The next track is the same artist as my first post, (check out my first post! : ) ) by Junkie XL.  The track is called, "You make me feel so good."  The track has these amazing fading female vocals, that makes me feeeeel sooo good.

Enjoy guys.  I won't, because my car radio just blew 15 minutes ago.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Hey guys, been a long week, full of exam's, last minute studying, the macronym PEDI, and my friend Mary Jane.  I spent the other day in a complete thunderstorm, with a shitload of lightning striking a good 200 yards from my car.  Had a guy come up to me the other day, to ask me about the engine in my car.  Apparently he was a honda specialist, and wanted to see my car's internals.  I showed him, and he's like, "See, I knew it was a a65754x (whatever the engine model is)."  Apparently he goes down to a car show/racing track event that happens every saturday near a food drive through, where a shitload of mustang vs honda vs imports vs project car street racing goes down.  I think I'm going to head down there this weekend.

Anyway, other than that I'm tired as shit, and just ended up dying a third time without saving in resident evil, and now I have to restart the whole fucking game.

Friday, May 13, 2011


I'm back!  Busy as hell, but not even with homework.  My consciousness is halfway between tetrahydrachloride, and stress.  Today I woke up to the blazing florida sun, and had to drive home, with no ac.  Serious overkill.  Cool thing is, there is a local tattoo parlor offering $13 tattoo's, (small pre-made tat's with sheet's open);  I was going to go and get a cupcake on my ass, but I was short for the tip, so I didn't.  Probably won't regret that later, either.  haha.

Also, I ran and 'rented', a copy of resident evil zero for the gamecube, from gamestop.   How do you rent a game from gamestop, you ask?  Simple;  Purchase whatever game you want to play, don't lose the receipt,  and return it in a week after you've beaten it.  K, now please send $25 to my paypal account, I just saved you hundreds of dollars worth of games you won't even keep.

Anyway, I promised a pretty cool electronica track, and I am delivering.  This next song is a trip, it's called "You are sleeping" by PQM, with a luke chable vocal pass remix to it.  I first heard this song  at 2010's Ultra Music Festival during deadmau5's set.  There's a video from his set below, (which was PACKED), cheggit!

Alright guys, I'm out.  Happy friday the thirteenth.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Hey guys.  Have been a tad busy lately, what with the start up of school and all.  Been maneuvering my way through boring lectures, and even worse homework.  Gives me structure to my life again, so the days aren't melting into weeks and time starts having a schedule.

Anyway, last night I headed out to the local bar to watch the boston celtic's lose to the miami heat.  Paul Pierce is a retard, for running down the clock and trying to shoot a 3.  Hat's off to Miami, even though I still hate you.  Shout out to Dwayne Wade, you fucking suck.

Anyway, miami fan's can turn away from this blog now. : D


Now you all know what day it is, do you not?  It's....DUBSTEP TUESDAY!  Today's selection was a bit hard to choose, but I believe I have found the perfect match today.
This song is titled "You shot yourself in the foot again", and is a really catchy "I messed up now she's gone' song, which I can get down to, because I've felt that way before.  It's also a really cool dub track, full of emotional rhythm thoughout the whole song.  Blare this shit in your car guys, you'll impress the whole block.

On a side note, I'm finally get my sub's for my car in the next couple weeks.  I'm not going full major hard on power 15"s, because my little honda couldn't handle that.  I'm thinking two 10's, or a single twelve, and a new pair of back speakers.  All in a budget of about $150.  I'm also thinking of deadening the whole car, so I can get the classy sound that keeps the sound mostly inside the car, (exception of the king kong thump's in the trunk).

Watch Fast and the Furious Five, when Ludacris get's out his whip.  That's what I'm aiming for.


Friday, May 6, 2011

Cinco De Mayo

Hey guys, I'm back, with another update.  Have been busy the past couple of nights, so I haven't really had time to update the blog and get back to everyone.

Anyways, my latest exploits include margarita mix, hookah, drunk longboarding and floor crashing.  I ended up chilling with one of my girlfriends from 7th grade!  It was pretty weird getting updated with each other, because she's alot different than the person I knew back when.

Today I ended up going with a friend to replace her phone, (she was going to give me her old one to use as a mp3 player), but they said she had to trade the phone in with her .  FML;  I also raced a train that runs through the local mall, and transports kids.  Needless to say the conductor lost.

  Been running around all over the place, and I'm finally taking a night off to just chill out.

This next track I'm posting is a very cool song, that was dubbed A State Of Trance's tune of the year in 2009.

The song is called "Tuvan" by Gaia.  It is the perfect mix of buildups and choppy female vocal samples, stirfried with crossfading and a trancey vibe.  CHECK THIS OUT!  I guarantee you'll like it, and if you don't...well, I'm not refunding your bandwidth.

Also, because I feel shit for being out on this blog for a couple days, (and need to relax), I'm going to post a song that's been a personal favorite for a long time.  This next piece of music I'm posting is a song called "halcyon on and on", and is a key player in my fight against insomnia.  Put a pair of deep bass head phones on, turn the treble+high tones up to just the right level and sink into the back of your chair, this one's a doozy.

The artist of this amazing work is "Orbital", a well known oldschool techno band.  I saw them recently ( last year) at Ultra Music Festival, playing live.  They only mixed a good 45 seconds of this song into their set, but it was the best 45 seconds I have ever spent standing in front of a stage.

Stay tuned guys, I have a pretty ossum song in the posting that isn't too popular but hell of catchy, and has a very special vibe to it, that I'll be posting here soon.  Keep your eyes peeled.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Mayfield Drift

Last night was a trip.  Ended up losing my basketball thrice in the water, yet everytime it came back.  Randomly met a old flame that was walking across the same place I was posted out.  Chit chatted for awhile, and then I bailed.  I wasn't ready to go home yet, so I went to the local walmart to dick around, and lo and behold I met a old friend I haven't spoken with much in the past couple of months.  We were on uneven terms, but he didn't seem to mind hanging out, so we showed each other our (since we last talked) new whips.  Had to race em', we've been talking shit to each other for four years about racing.

Fast forward to the fun part:  We both drove down to a strip near my house, scouting the strip for any sign of police.  Right as I stopped at the first stop sign, a police car drove by.  Shit...I waited for it to go and then had my friend line up his car to me, and start revving it up.  I had 5 seconds to floor the car as hard as I could, and I just couldn't haul enough ass to cover his v6. (I have a v4, vtech engine).  After a good 5-6 seconds I caught up with him, passing him completely.  FUCK YEAH.  Back to my house to talk smack, bullshit about life and sleep.

Been a bit of a hard day today, so I'm going to post really happy hardcore music, to brighten the day.  I don't normally post eurodance/trance, because I consider it to be really cheesy.  But this song is a personal favorite.  I first heard this four years ago, (before I seriously listened to house music), and always imagined my first rave to include this song.  

SYKE, first rave ended up being Ultra Music Festival. 

Anyway, the song has a really euphoric sped up female vocalist, mixed over some happy go lucky electrodance tunes.  The entire song is like happyness bottled up into a tune, and strung out over synthesized saws.

Check it!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Osama's Dead? Ohshi

So the word on the street is Osama's dead.  To be honest, I thought we killed him like three years ago. Woo, yay!

Anyway, today's been very..interesting.  I ended up picking up a friend at like 3 o'clock, who needed a OSAMA'SDEAD celebrationary joint.  Ended up spending six hours to get it.  Went to steak n' shake, and let me be real;  They have the best triple cheeseburger.  That sandwich melts in your mouth, yo.

Anyway, I'm going to go ahead and join in the celebration, with a America FUCK YEAH! video.  Watch it and weep, that song is horrible.

Anyway, onto today's track. The next song is a very brass sounding synthetic dance track, which actually reminds me of the whole "Fuck Yeah America" video.    I really dig this song, I think it's a great example of how amazing trance can sound.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Angus and Manny?

Went out to the car today to find out the bolts I bought are the wrong ones, and that I bought bolts that are needed about a foot up the exhaust pipe. FML.

I was searching through my log of ossum kevstev electronica music, and was shaking my head at my old selection.  Then I signed into youtube, and a song that I favorited awhile back popped up.

I am posting two tracks today, but one of them isn't electronica, so I'm going to push it to the bottom of the post.

Lo and Behold, Today's selection is a track by producers Denga and Manus..  If I could say one thing about this track, it's that it has a trancey- sound, but also a dark sounding hard hitting dance rhythm, at the end of the buildups.  Whenever I listen to this song I see myself knee deep in (questionable substances), twirling glowsticks until the break of dawn.

Check it out!

Another track I wanted to share, (although it isn't electronica in nature) is a awesome poem-styled R+B track, by a man named "SLUG".  I'm a huge fan of his group ('Atmosphere'), and when he referenced this song in a interview I had to check it out.  It has a relaxed jazz ambient vibe to it, and the lyric's are written in a novelty poem-to story style.

Head, pressure, senses, clutched
Date, Divinity, wouldn't, fuck
Touched, hazy, God, change
Rush, floor, life, veins

From a head full of pressure rests the senses that I clutch
Made a date with Divinity, but she wouldn't let me fuck
I got touched by a hazy shaded, God help me change
Caught a rush on the floor from the life in my veins

It goes one for the cannabis, and two for your dianoetics
Three for your reasoning, and four for those that try to get it
Five for your love, and six for the stress
And seven for the day that I climbed into this mess


I'm catching ulcers from the child proof lighters
And all these fine tooth biters that keep the wires in my head tighter
I'm tired out by the distances achieved walking in my sleep
Floors got shifted since the high i got a tad too deep
Ask dad to keep cool, I'll call him back as soon as I resume normal
And get out of this bathroom
And call management to seek some reimbursement
For the nerve ending that burnt from the first hits


So fuck needles, fuck smoke
Fuck lines that make the sinus choke
Fuck chasers, trails, fuck waves and rails
Fuck hang-overs, fuck hallucinations
Regurgitations, mandatory sentences and UA tracing
Blind my insight and dull the common sense
Give me INHIBITION, kill the superstition and the confidence
Built the tolerance, now it's more that I consume it
When it boards up my room, the world's whores will croon in unison
Unify the eulogy, autopsy pages read euthanasia, I.E., irony
But here I be within a pool of my drool
Sedated, windows dilated, comatose, life overdose
Tell Jacob Miles to keep it wild style
I promise I'll smile
And check the floor, God's got nice tile
Tell Jacob Mile to keep that shit wild style
And I'll smile
And check the floor, God's got nice tile


Head, pressure, senses, clutched
Date, Divinity, wouldn't, fuck
Touched, hazy, God, change
Rush, floor, life...

Check it out, you'll dig it.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Preface: posting this from a friend's place.  Worst part of today is her showing me her man's stains all over her sheet's.  Glad she threw the sheet's on the floor, I almost laid on em'.

Played some basketball, delivered flyers, yada yada.  I've been helping my grandmother start her herbalife business, (a herbal mix blend product line catered towards better health.) and I agreed to help her deliver flyers through people's cars.  A old guy exited his huge ass truck coughing his lungs out, and I waited for him to get into walmart.  Then I rushed over to his truck and stuck two herbalife health promoting flyers in the side of his door.  Hope he finds the help he needs...

Anyway;  Next track is called Kinetik- by a group called wideboys.  Not a vocal track, more of a cool, bass thumping track you bump in your two 12's that sit in the back of your beat up 1994 honda accord that has a shitty hood that's held up by three bungie cords.  Oh shi

Enjoy guys. 

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Dubstep Tuesday!

Ah, I confess that yesterday I spent alot of time playing gears of war 3 beta. I must've shanked at least 500 guys with the retro lancer, really cool shit. Ever had that moment where your like, "fuck it, I'm going to charge in with my bayonet and see what sticks."? Well, that was me last night, yelling "LLLLLLLLLLLLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEERRRRRRRRRRRRRROOOOOOOOOOYYYYYYYYY JENKINNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNS"

 Ended up with a pretty epic scenario involving me charging through smoke, swapping to the gnasher and blowing some guys shit to bits.

 Anyway, had to drive a friend to the hospital last night. He was going downhill on his longboard, and his wheels collided with the dirt, stopping his board instantly. He fell, and smacked his head against the concrete. He got back up though, and then skated home, his arms all torn and bleeding like he was dying. He's alright.

 Now, onto the electronica part of the blog. After all, this is 'electroexperience', right? Wrong, that's another guys blog, look about five blogs down if you want to hear electronica. Today is Dubstep Tuesday, in honor of a local club that plays dubstep exclusive on tuesdays. This is a mix by spinalshift, that is extremely well blended together, and quite frankly, one of the better mixes I've yet to hear. Peep it, I guarantee you won't be disappointed. Spinalshift - February Dubstep Mix 2011 by Spinalshift

Monday, April 25, 2011

Paranormal Reactivity 2.

Hey guys.  Just got back from a friends house, where we spent a majority of the night dicking around, and watching paranormal activity 2.  About the movie: Scary as shit.  I whole heartedly admit, that I was clutching the pillow/blanket next to me, in anticipation for the next crazy shit to happen.  By the time we finished, it was around 3:45 in the morning.  Two 18 year old kids going to stop the ruckus then? Nah brah.  Next stop: Walmart.  We bought two flashlights, and began to map out our plan to the nearest scary as shit forrest.  My friend has a app on his phone that records/transmits signals from the outside on certain frequencies (Read: Ghosts) and transmits those frequencies into words.  So we grabbed our flashlights and headed out to the main trail in the forrest, already paranoid and adrenaline filled to the max from the movie.  The beggining wasn't too bad, but when you get a bit deeper into the woods, and the phone's app starts spitting out words, and showing 'signals', as to where the frequency is coming from in relevance to your position, shit gets real.  The first words the phone spit out was "Branch", followed by "Tomb".  We continued asking questions, (a la EVP style), and the word "meet", popped up. (I shit you not.) We asked, "Do you want us to go away?" and the phone popped out, "right".  It was at this time I figured it was time to head back, and good timing too, because the 30 seconds later we heard a growling noise, coming a bit out in the distance, but fairly close.  Fuck that.  We headed back to the car, and began to drive out of the area and back onto the forrest like trail that leads out of the entire woods subsection.  Before we left the app said one final thing, that creeped me out pretty hard.  "Wait".  My friend shut his phone off, (Probably because he was shit scared), but I wanted to know more.  He refused, aaaand we went home to watch ghost adventures and pass out.

and now I'm home, putting labels on flyers my grandmother sent me.

Anyway, the last post was a bit shit, as I posted the wrong version of the song I was talking about, (and can't find the correct version on youtube), so I figured I'd check the post out before I posted it.

This track is called "C'mon" ( Tiesto vs. Diplo Featuring Busta Rhymes), and is one of those typical club tracks, with a bit of fat black guy who's got a awesome presence in his voice.  Cool track, the guy who does vocals, has a sir mix alot vibe to his voice.  Check it out!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter! Let's have some bacon.

Is it 1:30 already?  Jesus.  Well folks, I'm almost not writing this today, on account of I would still be waiting for someone to bail me out of jail, from last nights festivities.  Preface: A friend calls me up to come hangout in a fairly rich neighborhood complex she resides in, and shoot some hoops.  I oblige.  I get there, start walking around and shooting hoops.  I missed a shot and looked beyond the basket for a second and heard, "SHH...there's a cop over there."  Long story short: Security guy walks over and tells us it's too late to play basketball, and to get out.  "Okay, cool."

So we end up calling a friend to hang out over at his place, yet another modernly rich complex neighborhood.  He tells us he'll meet us down by a area of discreet docks they have over there, so me and my friend head down to the docks to hang out.  As I'm leaving I backed up my car into the parking space in a pretty gnar fashion (a parking boundary line was running through the middle of my car.) I laugh it off and figure I'll leave it, my friend calls me a shit driver, so I'll give him something to poke fun at.  We leave, and head off to the docks about 100 feet away.  There was a couple there, so I let my guard down about the whole place being 'sketchy', and 'off limits' this time at night.  To understand the entire scenario, I should inform you that the dock is a good 200 feet long, well out into the water, away from land.  The only way your getting back to land is through water.  I was sick of waiting for my friend, and so decided to start walking back up the docks to get to my car. 

Halfway up the dock I get the flashlight treatment, by a officer in uniform.  "Come with me."  You are aware your trespassing, right?  At this moment It hit me, that my friend has several pills stuffed in her bra that don't neccesarily belong to her.  I'm thinking to myself, "Swallow those pills, before a cop searches you, and you go to jail."  We follow the officer a good couple yards up the road to my car, parked in it's fucked up location.  I tell him the entire bad parking situation was a joke between me and a friend, to negate any suspicions that I could be drunk/drugged up.  (I'm sober as a judge, at this point.) 

Cops got a pretty mean attitude, with some serious anger issues.  He asks me if I have a ID with me, to which I decline. (I had lost my wallet)  So he starts spouting off "you don't have your ID, AND YOUR TRESPASSING?"  To which I respond, "I didn't know I had to have my id."  He keeps the interrogation up with my friend, who doesn't have her ID either.  "Bunch of 18 year old adults, and you don't have your ID?" (As if 18 is 'adult'.)  He asks to look at my car, so I let him.  I open everything, and lo and behold there is a bag of meds in my center console, that I am prescribed.  He asks me what the bag was, and I tell him straight, "those are my medications, I am prescribed them." He doesn't believe a word I say.  "For each one of those pills, there is a 2 year sentence in jail, for each."  Cool, not scaring me cop, when the judge sees I'm prescribed them it'll get dropped.  "You are legally required to keep all pills in a sealed container with labels, and a ID to match them."  Oops, my bad.  Didn't know. 

Now here's the fun part, him asking what we're doing, and why we were tresspassing.  I tell him we're going over to a friends to stay the night.  He asks me how many pills I have, which I count out as 7.  "How many do you take a day?"  One.  One at night.  He get's even more aggrivated at this point, incredible hulk mode status.  "and you have seven?  Your full of bullshit, and we both know it."  I tell him it's one at night, one in the morning.  "Then why do you need seven?"  I tell him I'm staying at a friends for a couple days, just keeping the story flowing.  "BUT YOU JUST SAID YOU TAKE ONE A DAY."  No, I said I take one at night.  I'm getting aggrivated, at this point he's probably going to take me to jail, might as well go down swinging.  I ask him, "What are you trying to do, some verbal ninjitsu on me, or something"?  "WHAT THE FUCK DOES THIS HAVE TO DO WITH NINJITSU".  "Your trying to twist my words and find loopholes in what I'm saying."  He didn't like this, and tells me to stop talking, it's hard for him to not take me to jail at this point.  Cool, silent treatment.  More story prodding, and him telling me and my friend we're full of bullshit.  He grabs the pills from me, and goes to look me up on the computer.  My friend goes over with him to get id'd as well.  She's sweet talking him, and telling him her father is a cop too, (truth).  I wait a good 15 minutes in the high beam lights, and then he comes back over, after looking me up.  Hands me my pills, and says; "Even if you were charged with the pills, the judge would drop them as soon as he noticed you were prescribed."  He hands me my bag, and tells us if it wasn't easter, he'd be sending me to jail. 

*hold breath*
I'm scott free.  FUCK YES.  I get in my car and haul ass. Go home, and tell my friend to draw me Raichu (Pokemon), in celebration.

Picture related. ^^

American cops, tsk tsk...I cooked bacon this morning, in lieu of last nights events.

Alright, the electronica portion of this blog.

This next track is ossum, a high energy dance beat remix of a popular song titled, "Shopaholic."  I love the swagger style vocals, and odd sounding drums in the song.  Well worth a listen.

Happy easter guys.


Saturday, April 23, 2011

Its a rubber band, MANNNN.


oh, hey guys.

It's saturday already?  Jesus, I have too much free time on my hands.  Today I returned a working airsoft gun to walmart for gas money, the look on the customer service reps face was hilarious.  I didn't even have the full packaging, just a part of the cardboard that came with it, the gun, and a receipt.  5 minutes later I came out with $12.81.  I now have a quarter tank of gas, in my old e-class.

Anyway, onto the electro.

The next song I want to post is a more catchy, upbeat party song.  If you have a sub ( or subs) that can kick hard, play this the next time your in the walmart parking lot.

Definitely one of those upbeat party songs, with a nice drop about 30 seconds in.  Check it out!

Friday, April 22, 2011


Whoo, writing this post in a chair on a slow friday afternoon.  The other day I was celebrating 4/20.  Me and a couple of friends we're dicking around in the dark in a hillish area, all strung out from the days festivities.  I start to wonder around, and find this block of wood, in the shape of a cross.  Im playing around on it, balancing myself up and down, and suddenly I make a wrong move, and feel something sharp go through my sandal and into my foot. Instant mood killer.  Stepped on a long threaded nail, that went into my right foot about 1/8 a inch. Pulled it out, and limped home.  It's two days later, and the right part of my leg is sore. Usual hydrogen peroxide and bandaid applied.  Doesn't worry me, I got a tetanus shot a few years ago, but still.

Moral of the story? Don't wear sandals.

Anyway, back to electro

Been listening to Deadmau5's old stuff all day, namely off his 2008 album, "Random Album Title".
>>>>> First song I ever heard from the mau5., REALLY cool instruments used to craft the sound, check it out.
Couple of really cool tracks are on here, namely : "Sometimes things get...whatever", (See above)
"I remember", (Featuring Kaskade ;) )
Seen here ^^,
and a couple of cool chillout ambient tracks, like "faxing berlin", arguru, and 'complications'.

Check em out, and burn em to a CD.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Ear piercing, day 3.

Latest news?  I got my ears pierced.  The left is swollen like a motherfucker, and the right is just dandy.  Hope I don't get gangrene on my left.  What is everyones take on earrings for guys?  I hear some say both ears is gay, right ear is gay, etc.  At the time it made no sense to pay $20 to get a single ear pierced.

Anyway, I found a new track I've stumbled across from my library, that's badass, had to share.

This next track is titled "Rebound", by arty and mat zo.  If you dig trance/electronica, (if your on this blog I'm sure you do), mat zo is a must hear.

Really cool song to trance out to, the intro is more high energy, but as the song progresses it becomes smoother...Matt Zo also goes by "MSRA".  He makes alot of drum n' bass, but he pulls it off with these sweet melodies.

(If I've ever urged anyone to listen to anything, LISTEN TO THIS SONG >>>>)
Perfect lounge out/bass track.  They should replace the starbucks soundtracks with a copy of this, on repeat.
Anyone here ever play mirrors edge?  I get a 'suburban city' feeling from it.


Sunday, April 17, 2011


I've got good news, and I've got bad news.  Whats the bad news you ask? I didn't make it to dayglow.  WAIT, what's the good news?  there isn't any.  Uh, I guess that I just used a biore pore strip on my nose, and I'm a man.  Yeah, I said it, I didn't make it to dayglow.  I ended up towing gasoline, and running all over the place.  Part of me feels I could have used the atmosphere out, with that crazy 'rave feel'.  But I missed it.

Instead I ended up driving 45 miles north of my town just to sell a belonging for cash.  I didn't have enough for the ticket all week, so I would finally have covered the cost for me and my friends to go.  I end up driving the whole way there, and hear my friends bitching about "I don't know if I want to go", shit.  I end up running out of gas, a good 25 miles from my destination.  I'm driving along in my honda beater, and suddenly the car stops accelerating.  I push in the pedal to give it more gas, and the car only slows to a crawl.  The gauge: on E.  FUCK!! I thought.  Next thing I know, I'm running towards a giant sign that says "UNLEADED GAS $3.76, about a mile up the road.  That ended up being a sign for some motorcycle company.  I ran another mile out the way, and ended up at a real gas station.  Blew 10 dollars on a portable gas tank, and hoisted 2 gallons worth of gas three miles".

I get back to my friends and it's late as shit.  They all say they don't want to go.  I facepalm, smoke, and leave.  It blew, cause there was a girl up there I was digging.  Anyway, long story short:  Didn't go to the rave, missed out on cute girl, and had to hoist gas 3 miles up the road.  The lesson?  Fill up your fucking tank.

Back on the topic of electronic music.  I had the immediate idea to play this somewhere around 45 minutes ago, a classic by "Global Deejays", called San Francisco.  I haven't heard this song in a good 4 years, but it dates to way further than that.  This is one of those old school songs, like "rhythm is a dancer", but it has a much more vibing feel.  Listen to it, feels like they captured a part of san fransisco in it.  The fader effects are cool, and feel much more fitting than the glitch fading newer tracks you'd hear on the radio.

Check it, let me know what you think.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

DayGlow!, and music that'll have you on the floor.

So the much anticipated Dayglow Paint festival is in Orlando tommorow, and I shall be going!  I am pretty thrilled.  I don't think it'll be anything like Ultra Music Festival, ( : ( ) but it'll do.
PARTY!  Speaking of party, the next track I'd like to post will get a whole room full of people jumping, definite party people music.

This song is called "Warp 1.9", by the bloody beetroots.

The track features american asian sensation Steve Aoki.  The guys nuts looking, he's asian, and has extremely long dark hair.  Odd for a asian dude, huh?  I know what your thinking;  Damn, this guy looks nuts.  He must party hard, right?

YES, Yes he does.  A said video of his travels/parties, and another great track by them is below

Warning: Video may not be safe for work.  Includes but is not totally:
Drunk, Puking, Booze, Cute girls, Djs, Crowd Surfing, Cute girls macking on DJ's, steve aoki's ass, dude puking all over park ferris go round, steve aoki drunk or on a illegal substance, girls dancing, etc.

But who doesn't like all of that?

Thursday, April 7, 2011

New track/I'm back! Bar9

Ello everyone, been awhile since I've blogged.  Been out and about, through st. augustine and all that fun stuff.  If you ever get a chance, checkout st. augustine, and bring a longboard.  The scenery is amazing!

Before you go to oldest city of america, load up VV this song on your ipod, and give it a listen, while riding around.

This song is by a band called "original", and is incredibly catchy.  Not typical electronica/what I'd post, but it fits the bill well enough.

If you bring speakers and play it out, you'll make all the hipsters jealous.

There is also a  Bar9 dubstep remix of this song, (which I normally dissaprove of, because fuckers can't make a decent dub track), but this is awesome.

Watch the video to get the full vibe of the remix.  The sounds are darker, and grittier, and really creates a whole new vibe out of the existing song.  Find your way to your nearest 'supplier' site and grab these ! :)

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Fucking aye, my car hood flew up on me!

How about on my way back from walmart, I was going 55 and the hood suddenly flew up on me.  It's a great thing no one was on the road, because I couldn't see shit.  I pulled over, and checked the damage.  Luckily, the hood was already a half inch too high, so it didn't hit the windshield, or damage the sunroof.


In lieu of recent events, I'm posting deadmau5's FML, short for fuck my life.  This was recorded from his terminal 5 new york set.  Amazing set, pick it off your favorite file site asap!

*deep breaths*, alright.  I figure I should post a chillout song, because I'm fucking stressed.

So, here's a cool track by Wippenburg, that I cought off of Armin Van Buuren's ASOT.

Badass hook, cool groove all around.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

In lieu of recently visiting my future college, (a pretty big, impressive one at that), I'm inspired to post another song by Junkie XL, "Today".

Really relaxed sound, with nice strings.  I've played this a million times, it reminds me of letting go of yesterday, and letting today be today.

Sick of JXL?  Me too.  Here's another awesome track, much less laid back, that had a melodic sound similar to Deadmau5's "Strobe".


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Junkie EX EL

First song is: "Cities in Dust", by JXL.  Cool track featuring Lauren Rocket.  Yes, I would.  
"Fuck More", a track also with Lauren Rocket. 
A cloudy vision
Absence of granter
I don't care what is wrong or right
(wrong or right)
The earth is bleeding
in secreeding madness
Petrified, gone dry inside
The wheels keep turning
And the clock is pounding
And there's only more and more
that I want.
(I want)

And through the things
you can still feel the sounding
of the maze, of the place
where things still matter


Rock more
Roll more
Fuck more
Pac-Man is loving it

Cause too much till you leave
I'll get down on my knees

[Repeat CHORUS]


I lost the feeling,
a sence of numbness,
and it's spinning
like you're top out of sight.
(out of sight)
Climb out the window,
what the hell do you know?
You don't even seem to put up a fight

Created by me, for me
It's a place called reality.
Broken mirrors
and broken promisses made easily

But I just want you to...

[Repeat CHORUS]

Consumen till you bleed
I'll get down on my knees

[Repeat CHORUS]
Lauren Rocket wants to rock more, roll more, and fuck more?  I love it.

First Post/Booming right atcha'

Alright, I decided I have way too much time on my hands, and know awesome music.  Do you like awesome music? I do.  This is awesome music.

First song I'm blogging is Junkie XL's "Booming back at you".  Cool song to bump loud, and needs two very loud subwoofers to do it justice.  First time I heard this was in my (unknown to me) first car, in a mcdonalds parking lot.  I flipped nuts, man.