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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

DayGlow!, and music that'll have you on the floor.

So the much anticipated Dayglow Paint festival is in Orlando tommorow, and I shall be going!  I am pretty thrilled.  I don't think it'll be anything like Ultra Music Festival, ( : ( ) but it'll do.
PARTY!  Speaking of party, the next track I'd like to post will get a whole room full of people jumping, definite party people music.

This song is called "Warp 1.9", by the bloody beetroots.

The track features american asian sensation Steve Aoki.  The guys nuts looking, he's asian, and has extremely long dark hair.  Odd for a asian dude, huh?  I know what your thinking;  Damn, this guy looks nuts.  He must party hard, right?

YES, Yes he does.  A said video of his travels/parties, and another great track by them is below

Warning: Video may not be safe for work.  Includes but is not totally:
Drunk, Puking, Booze, Cute girls, Djs, Crowd Surfing, Cute girls macking on DJ's, steve aoki's ass, dude puking all over park ferris go round, steve aoki drunk or on a illegal substance, girls dancing, etc.

But who doesn't like all of that?

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