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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

HAM, Hungry As a Motherfuuu

Hey guys, back again, after a while.  Why the lack of posts? College, constant college work.  Also a bit of my habitual consciousness activities in progress instead of working on college work, and getting backed up and not feeling like doing shit, cause there is so much work to do.


Anyway, a interesting story from my life....;  Almost beat a guy at cutthroat today, (I suck at pool).  Ended up getting mopped off the table at the last shot, so I went home. A friend of mine stopped by with her friend, and we went exploring at some local hills.  What happened next?  A shopping cart get's pushed down a hill and into the water.  Then I tried moving this 300 pound pipe 15 feet up a hill, just so I could get enough momentum to get it to roll into the nearby lake.  I still have a fucking headache from that.

Side Rant: I really like the atmosphere of my college's game room, it's chilled out and kind of competitive, in a non HUR DUR I AM KING OF TABLES, I AM THE SHIT way.  Everytime you walk by a laptop it's either

a.) Minecraft on the screen
b.) Nintendo 64 emulator
c.) Facebook

I still haven't caught anyone on 4chan, so I think things are fine.  Some kid's play some form of marvel vs. capcom on a xbox.  Other than that, the classes are long and dull, exception of psych class.  That's hell of interesting.  I give my college a C+

Onto ze song.  I was originally going to play a catchy quirky deadmau5 song, but I decided this is way better.
This next track is a remix of a original song, called "Insomnia".  This remix is by tiesto, and is literally amazing. Tiesto takes the vocals from the track and puts his own dance 4 life male vocal mix to it, giving the song a whole new effect.  After he builds up the sweet melody in silence, he then drops a hard hitting dance breakdown at the end of the song, which is all too sweet.

If you haven't heard this, listen to it now.  It's euphoric.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

It's illegal to flirt, when we at work;

I've been lacking on the blogging lately, I really need to get my shit together.

A excerpt from my life lately, and a song, let's do this...

Well, last night I spent all day in @ school, and slept two hours.  A friend called me to return her wallet to her place, and she'd share some of her skunky funky smelling green shit. Green Jello, I'll call it. I get down there, and she's not home.  Eventually she pulls up in her friends car, and I give her her shit. We go for a walk, and she shares her jello with me. We then started walking back to the car, and my friend wants to hit up mcd's.  Satisfied, I head to the mcdonald's a good 3 miles away, and try ordering 6 piece chicken mcnuggets for a dollar, only to realize that isn't valid until 10 : 30 in the morning on the next day.  So I order the usual mcdouble/fries/tea, and get the fuck out.  The next thing I know I see the boy's in blue, pull up right behind me and turn their lights on.

Good evening officer.  Is there something wrong?

"Are you aware your tail light is out?"  "Yes I do, I'm on my way to my friend's house to get a new bulb now."
Okay, let me see your ID's... We all hand him our ID's.

O SHI, there's green jello in the car!  My friend hands me her green jello and I proceed to eat all of it, a good $10 worth of jello.  I'm pretty shookup, just making small talk with my passengers to keep me from losing my nerves.  The cop comes back, hand's me the id's, and tells me to get it fixed.

WHOO.  Don't know how many more angel's I got to save me, SHIAT.

Now that the punch lines over, I might as well include that my car is a rolling cop attention grabbing POS.  Part of the exhaust isn't attached, so the engine's noise can be heard a block away.  The front right mirror is broken off, and my tail light was out.  The hood is a shitty tacky color, and is attached by bungie cords.  This isn't one of those chamillionaire trying to catch me riding dirty type of mercede's benz, it's a beater.

Alright.  Now it's time to post a song.  The next track is the same artist as my first post, (check out my first post! : ) ) by Junkie XL.  The track is called, "You make me feel so good."  The track has these amazing fading female vocals, that makes me feeeeel sooo good.

Enjoy guys.  I won't, because my car radio just blew 15 minutes ago.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Hey guys, been a long week, full of exam's, last minute studying, the macronym PEDI, and my friend Mary Jane.  I spent the other day in a complete thunderstorm, with a shitload of lightning striking a good 200 yards from my car.  Had a guy come up to me the other day, to ask me about the engine in my car.  Apparently he was a honda specialist, and wanted to see my car's internals.  I showed him, and he's like, "See, I knew it was a a65754x (whatever the engine model is)."  Apparently he goes down to a car show/racing track event that happens every saturday near a food drive through, where a shitload of mustang vs honda vs imports vs project car street racing goes down.  I think I'm going to head down there this weekend.

Anyway, other than that I'm tired as shit, and just ended up dying a third time without saving in resident evil, and now I have to restart the whole fucking game.

Friday, May 13, 2011


I'm back!  Busy as hell, but not even with homework.  My consciousness is halfway between tetrahydrachloride, and stress.  Today I woke up to the blazing florida sun, and had to drive home, with no ac.  Serious overkill.  Cool thing is, there is a local tattoo parlor offering $13 tattoo's, (small pre-made tat's with sheet's open);  I was going to go and get a cupcake on my ass, but I was short for the tip, so I didn't.  Probably won't regret that later, either.  haha.

Also, I ran and 'rented', a copy of resident evil zero for the gamecube, from gamestop.   How do you rent a game from gamestop, you ask?  Simple;  Purchase whatever game you want to play, don't lose the receipt,  and return it in a week after you've beaten it.  K, now please send $25 to my paypal account, I just saved you hundreds of dollars worth of games you won't even keep.

Anyway, I promised a pretty cool electronica track, and I am delivering.  This next song is a trip, it's called "You are sleeping" by PQM, with a luke chable vocal pass remix to it.  I first heard this song  at 2010's Ultra Music Festival during deadmau5's set.  There's a video from his set below, (which was PACKED), cheggit!

Alright guys, I'm out.  Happy friday the thirteenth.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Hey guys.  Have been a tad busy lately, what with the start up of school and all.  Been maneuvering my way through boring lectures, and even worse homework.  Gives me structure to my life again, so the days aren't melting into weeks and time starts having a schedule.

Anyway, last night I headed out to the local bar to watch the boston celtic's lose to the miami heat.  Paul Pierce is a retard, for running down the clock and trying to shoot a 3.  Hat's off to Miami, even though I still hate you.  Shout out to Dwayne Wade, you fucking suck.

Anyway, miami fan's can turn away from this blog now. : D


Now you all know what day it is, do you not?  It's....DUBSTEP TUESDAY!  Today's selection was a bit hard to choose, but I believe I have found the perfect match today.
This song is titled "You shot yourself in the foot again", and is a really catchy "I messed up now she's gone' song, which I can get down to, because I've felt that way before.  It's also a really cool dub track, full of emotional rhythm thoughout the whole song.  Blare this shit in your car guys, you'll impress the whole block.

On a side note, I'm finally get my sub's for my car in the next couple weeks.  I'm not going full major hard on power 15"s, because my little honda couldn't handle that.  I'm thinking two 10's, or a single twelve, and a new pair of back speakers.  All in a budget of about $150.  I'm also thinking of deadening the whole car, so I can get the classy sound that keeps the sound mostly inside the car, (exception of the king kong thump's in the trunk).

Watch Fast and the Furious Five, when Ludacris get's out his whip.  That's what I'm aiming for.


Friday, May 6, 2011

Cinco De Mayo

Hey guys, I'm back, with another update.  Have been busy the past couple of nights, so I haven't really had time to update the blog and get back to everyone.

Anyways, my latest exploits include margarita mix, hookah, drunk longboarding and floor crashing.  I ended up chilling with one of my girlfriends from 7th grade!  It was pretty weird getting updated with each other, because she's alot different than the person I knew back when.

Today I ended up going with a friend to replace her phone, (she was going to give me her old one to use as a mp3 player), but they said she had to trade the phone in with her .  FML;  I also raced a train that runs through the local mall, and transports kids.  Needless to say the conductor lost.

  Been running around all over the place, and I'm finally taking a night off to just chill out.

This next track I'm posting is a very cool song, that was dubbed A State Of Trance's tune of the year in 2009.

The song is called "Tuvan" by Gaia.  It is the perfect mix of buildups and choppy female vocal samples, stirfried with crossfading and a trancey vibe.  CHECK THIS OUT!  I guarantee you'll like it, and if you don't...well, I'm not refunding your bandwidth.

Also, because I feel shit for being out on this blog for a couple days, (and need to relax), I'm going to post a song that's been a personal favorite for a long time.  This next piece of music I'm posting is a song called "halcyon on and on", and is a key player in my fight against insomnia.  Put a pair of deep bass head phones on, turn the treble+high tones up to just the right level and sink into the back of your chair, this one's a doozy.

The artist of this amazing work is "Orbital", a well known oldschool techno band.  I saw them recently ( last year) at Ultra Music Festival, playing live.  They only mixed a good 45 seconds of this song into their set, but it was the best 45 seconds I have ever spent standing in front of a stage.

Stay tuned guys, I have a pretty ossum song in the posting that isn't too popular but hell of catchy, and has a very special vibe to it, that I'll be posting here soon.  Keep your eyes peeled.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Mayfield Drift

Last night was a trip.  Ended up losing my basketball thrice in the water, yet everytime it came back.  Randomly met a old flame that was walking across the same place I was posted out.  Chit chatted for awhile, and then I bailed.  I wasn't ready to go home yet, so I went to the local walmart to dick around, and lo and behold I met a old friend I haven't spoken with much in the past couple of months.  We were on uneven terms, but he didn't seem to mind hanging out, so we showed each other our (since we last talked) new whips.  Had to race em', we've been talking shit to each other for four years about racing.

Fast forward to the fun part:  We both drove down to a strip near my house, scouting the strip for any sign of police.  Right as I stopped at the first stop sign, a police car drove by.  Shit...I waited for it to go and then had my friend line up his car to me, and start revving it up.  I had 5 seconds to floor the car as hard as I could, and I just couldn't haul enough ass to cover his v6. (I have a v4, vtech engine).  After a good 5-6 seconds I caught up with him, passing him completely.  FUCK YEAH.  Back to my house to talk smack, bullshit about life and sleep.

Been a bit of a hard day today, so I'm going to post really happy hardcore music, to brighten the day.  I don't normally post eurodance/trance, because I consider it to be really cheesy.  But this song is a personal favorite.  I first heard this four years ago, (before I seriously listened to house music), and always imagined my first rave to include this song.  

SYKE, first rave ended up being Ultra Music Festival. 

Anyway, the song has a really euphoric sped up female vocalist, mixed over some happy go lucky electrodance tunes.  The entire song is like happyness bottled up into a tune, and strung out over synthesized saws.

Check it!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Osama's Dead? Ohshi

So the word on the street is Osama's dead.  To be honest, I thought we killed him like three years ago. Woo, yay!

Anyway, today's been very..interesting.  I ended up picking up a friend at like 3 o'clock, who needed a OSAMA'SDEAD celebrationary joint.  Ended up spending six hours to get it.  Went to steak n' shake, and let me be real;  They have the best triple cheeseburger.  That sandwich melts in your mouth, yo.

Anyway, I'm going to go ahead and join in the celebration, with a America FUCK YEAH! video.  Watch it and weep, that song is horrible.

Anyway, onto today's track. The next song is a very brass sounding synthetic dance track, which actually reminds me of the whole "Fuck Yeah America" video.    I really dig this song, I think it's a great example of how amazing trance can sound.