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Friday, May 13, 2011


I'm back!  Busy as hell, but not even with homework.  My consciousness is halfway between tetrahydrachloride, and stress.  Today I woke up to the blazing florida sun, and had to drive home, with no ac.  Serious overkill.  Cool thing is, there is a local tattoo parlor offering $13 tattoo's, (small pre-made tat's with sheet's open);  I was going to go and get a cupcake on my ass, but I was short for the tip, so I didn't.  Probably won't regret that later, either.  haha.

Also, I ran and 'rented', a copy of resident evil zero for the gamecube, from gamestop.   How do you rent a game from gamestop, you ask?  Simple;  Purchase whatever game you want to play, don't lose the receipt,  and return it in a week after you've beaten it.  K, now please send $25 to my paypal account, I just saved you hundreds of dollars worth of games you won't even keep.

Anyway, I promised a pretty cool electronica track, and I am delivering.  This next song is a trip, it's called "You are sleeping" by PQM, with a luke chable vocal pass remix to it.  I first heard this song  at 2010's Ultra Music Festival during deadmau5's set.  There's a video from his set below, (which was PACKED), cheggit!

Alright guys, I'm out.  Happy friday the thirteenth.


  1. Your GameStop plan sounds fine, do beat a game in a week? People like me aren't that skilled :P

  2. It was my friend's birthday, lol