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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

HAM, Hungry As a Motherfuuu

Hey guys, back again, after a while.  Why the lack of posts? College, constant college work.  Also a bit of my habitual consciousness activities in progress instead of working on college work, and getting backed up and not feeling like doing shit, cause there is so much work to do.


Anyway, a interesting story from my life....;  Almost beat a guy at cutthroat today, (I suck at pool).  Ended up getting mopped off the table at the last shot, so I went home. A friend of mine stopped by with her friend, and we went exploring at some local hills.  What happened next?  A shopping cart get's pushed down a hill and into the water.  Then I tried moving this 300 pound pipe 15 feet up a hill, just so I could get enough momentum to get it to roll into the nearby lake.  I still have a fucking headache from that.

Side Rant: I really like the atmosphere of my college's game room, it's chilled out and kind of competitive, in a non HUR DUR I AM KING OF TABLES, I AM THE SHIT way.  Everytime you walk by a laptop it's either

a.) Minecraft on the screen
b.) Nintendo 64 emulator
c.) Facebook

I still haven't caught anyone on 4chan, so I think things are fine.  Some kid's play some form of marvel vs. capcom on a xbox.  Other than that, the classes are long and dull, exception of psych class.  That's hell of interesting.  I give my college a C+

Onto ze song.  I was originally going to play a catchy quirky deadmau5 song, but I decided this is way better.
This next track is a remix of a original song, called "Insomnia".  This remix is by tiesto, and is literally amazing. Tiesto takes the vocals from the track and puts his own dance 4 life male vocal mix to it, giving the song a whole new effect.  After he builds up the sweet melody in silence, he then drops a hard hitting dance breakdown at the end of the song, which is all too sweet.

If you haven't heard this, listen to it now.  It's euphoric.

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  1. Youtube should have a damn replay button