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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Look at me now, look at me now.

Hey guys, been awhile since posting last.  Been overwhelmed, I have a major school work backup, not to mention a new copy of fallout new vegas ;).

Latest adventures?  Not much really.  Have toned down my thrillseeking in favor of books.  Eh, coolest thing to happen lately is me almost catching a Ipod Touch from a machine, for my birthday. Got Robbed, though.

Speaking of birthday, I got 22 happy birthdays on facebook.  Is anyone jelly?  I used to hate birthdays when people wouldn't say a damn thing to you, or forgot your birthday.  So if it's anyones birthday today, Happy Birthday.  Your awesome, and should celebrate every day you've been alive, not just the day you were born.

Anyway;  I haven't been listening to much house/electronica lately either.  I've been peeping Nicki Minaj's "Roman's Revenge", though. 

This is a pretty bomb fucking song, where Nicki Minaj and Eminem collaborate their "alter ego's" (slim shady, 'Roman' Nicky's alter ego), basically both of them making music expressing their angry personalities.

Everyone knows Nicki Minaj, and Eminem are fucking crazy.  Think I'm kidding?   Checkout where she's showcasing her 'alterego', to chelsea lately.  She's definitely a total "gangsta bitch".  I'll help take control of her ;)