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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Shit happens.

Back with another jampacked action post festivities.  The other day a friend invited me to come smoke hookah with him and his buddies.  I knew they'd be pre gaming as always, so I brought one of my female friends over, (she was in dire need of a smoke).  What happens next?  Same thing you'd expect when 6 people crowd around a table and get smashed/fucked up.

booze, lots of booze.  Some dude was telling me how amazing it is in vietnam/thailand, and some crazy military stories.  By this point I was really fucked up, and bored.  They brought out this old looking hot sauce, and challenged me and my friend to try it.  Upon first glance I thought, "the fuck is this?!" It had a spider on the bottle, and said "NO SURVIVORS!"

This is the bottle; "Widow Hot Sauce-No Survivors"

So me and my friend put dabs on each of our fingers.  I had a pretty good sized amount, and he had a little bitch amount, so I made him re-dab.  We count to three, and I put the hot sauce in my mouth, while he holds out.  He laughs, and instantly I feel the heat piercing my skull.  Every part of my mouth hurt and burned, like there was no tommorow.  I grabbed the nearest four loko lemonade wannabe, and chugged it.  (Not a good idea, hot sauce + alcohol).

It was shit.  I ate a bunch of bread, and it wore off after time.  After we took our dabs, everyone else took a dab, (except my female friend), and I couldn't stand her being a vagina about it, so I pushed a finger filled dab into her teeth.  She was mmmmmmmmmmmmmad, bro.

Now everyones like "OH SHI".

Fun laughs we're had.

Anyway, the only other (ridiculous) thing to happen, was one of the guys snorting bread.  Yes, you read that right, a guy snorted bread.  but, electroexperience, how do you snort bread?  You chop it up into fine crumbs, take your nose down, and inhale.  My friend promised to show her tits if he snorted bread, so he was down.  He snorted it twice, with each of us getting a flash each time : ).

After that we left, and I almost punched my faggot friend, for making me take my friend home fucked up @ 5 in the morning.

Story times over;  The next track I have for the blog is a black chick shique dubstep inspired track, that kind of pertains to my life in some ways.  Cool vibe the girl has, check it OUT!

Damn, she's cute ; )

Also: MY FIRST $100 in adsense totals!  Thanks guys, keep supporting this blog : )

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