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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

She smokes that peyote.

Man, I've been doing this blog for a long time. I'm in for another, and possibly last blog I post on this.

Another ridiculous nights the past weekend, I hardly remember shit.  The weekend starts off with a little bit of what the fuck I can't remember, and ends with me hitting a beezy on the beach with my new friend Sweet Tea.  Yeah, I said Sweet Tea.  I'm not talking about Mcdonald's either.  I'm talking about that Diva Flavor who sparks that good shit.  I met her underneath the pier at my cities beach, hanging out with her 6"2 Jamaican boy, named Ron.  I was just walking along the pier, checking for some hermit crabs, ($7 a fucking hermit crab @ the pet store). I walked up to them, and Ron seemed pretty apprehensive, till he realized I wasn't a cop. He was about as jamaican as that shit gets.


Later that evening I met a drunk thick red bone, and almost headed home.  She was batshit crazy, drunk, and dtf.  I had a bit of fun and bailed, leaving her drunk ass in the street 5 blocks away from her house. Pretty ridiculous, she just pulled her bathing suit down and started pissing like 3 feet away from me.  This was odd to me, because I pretend that girl's don't piss/shit.  Their girls man, they smell flowers and read cosmo.

  The next track I'm posting is "In the Dark", by Tiesto.  The song has really catchy male vocals, that fade right in and out like something in a Armin Van Buuren Trance set @ ultra.

Check it!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Ego Bruising

I'm back again in this blog.  I've been out doing stupid shit...but have gotten some cool projects started up, and expanding my hobbies.

Aha, so how about I'm driving down a really popular street in my city, and another honda pulls up besides mine. Seeing it is a prelude, and mine is an accord, I'm not too thrilled about this.  I like preludes, but nothing comes in the way of me and my accord.  It was a cockfest in the prelude, two dudes were maxing it out in their car.  I begin to accelerate a bit more to pass them. It was on.  The prelude speeds up and begins accelerating to roughly 6k RPMS, and I begin milking my 4 cylinder for all of its worth.  As Im passing 4k Rpms, a dodge ram to the right of me comes up, and starts charging his cylinders with full force.  In response to this, I floor the car to maximum speed, and am making headway, right until the bungie cords that catch my hood begin to fly up, and the car hood cocks up halfway.  In this hilarity, I have to laugh at myself for both looking like a dillhole, and managing to almost kill myself.  I'm fixing the hood as we speak.

Anyway, my next track I wanted to post was a remix of a amazing track by the crystal method, "Trip like I do." The remix was done by Tom Real, and is a great remix.  Tom takes out the serious male vocals, cuts in the psychedelic female vocals, and then makes the entire clusterfuck tune to the beat of a low bass crunch, and hard electrodrum sounds.  Hear how trippy the girls voices sound?  Check this out;

According to this fan site (, the voice in the background is a girl who Scott (member of the crystal method) had met at a club who called him up a few days later, while she was tripping, and left that message on the answering machine. 

The way she sounds really captures a club girl strung out on drugs.  It's awesome.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Fourth of Julius Caesar

Wooh.  Whats up guys?  Posting this at 6:24 A.M., still stacked up from last nights festivities.

But Electroexperience, weren't you out drinking and partying and celebrating fireworks? You must be exhausted!

I am.  I'm running on fumes, literally.  I've got adderall and monster keeping my brain on a balance.  I can't really tell you how I feel right now, because my head is in such a split, I really don't know.

Where to start;  I left my friends place around 3 ish, and headed out to pick up a good friend from her hotel.  This part of the city is amazing, with beautiful girls literally pouring out on the streets on their bikes, and longboards.

Anyway, I get to my friends hotel and she wants me to meet her mom.  Her crazy asian mom was pretty intense, I had the pleasure of exchanging a couple words with her, until she fretted off to talk to the hotel clerk.  What is it with flip moms? Their all over the place.

We dipped out to the nearest city, Palm Coast.  All my friends came out with their family, and major fireworks ensued.  My friends were doing their own shit, so I dipped out and had a bit of 'celebration water'.

This is where shit gets fun.  I hear music playing up the street, and it's this local girl playing a pop cover of flyleaf.  I am down with this.  I begin dancing mercilessly.  What I was doing looked like a mixture of hardcores two step, and a bit of wild drunken flailing.  She ends the song and lets her bandmates play a instrumental song.  We all know how fucking boring instrumental songs are.

Suddenly, I hear "LET ME GO ONNNNNNNNN, LIKE A BLISTER IN THE SUN".  Fucking love that song!  I ran half a mile up the street to dance the night away to that shit.  I was covered in sweat, and a old guy handed me a couple napkins. I unno if you guys have ever danced drunk as piss in public, but it can be a pretty intimidating thing, even with 'liquid courage'.
If you haven't heard this song, you need to now.

I'm going to learn this song on acoustic, for sure.

In other news, I met a stripper the other day, that a friend brought by.  She was incredibly skinny, and freaked me out.  It only took 30 seconds for me to get the vibe that she was crazy, but I decided to fuck with her anyway.  Turns out she was jittery because she hadn't done coke in two days, and charges $30 for a VIP dance.  She had a pillow stuffed animal she called moocow, and she stroked it's fur while making weird noises.  After awhile she started imitating a cat, (eruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuhhhh) and I really got freaked out.

Makes me wonder why alot of guys fantasize about strippers.  A shit load of them are crazy.

Anyway;  I have to post this next song, even though the producer who made it is a total sellout for fame.  I know that I normally post more house and actual dance, but I had to snag this off the top 40's, because it is just that awesome.

Aha, sike.  I just posted this because it has tha lovely minaj in it, and I can't get enough of her split personality goodness.  This track is called "where them girls at", by david guetta featuring Flo Rida, and Nicki Minaj.
Peep it guys

Edit:  Is it just me, or does David Guetta use the same exact 4/4 club pattern and synth effects in every  mainstream song he does.  Listen to the rolling snares in the hook in this song, and compare it to one of his other songs, "sexy bitch".   Listen to the drum beat/melody.  It's the same thing!

At least tiesto was cool when he did that collaboration with three six mafia.

opinions? gimme em.;


Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Shittin' On Slimy Lettuce

Hey guys;  just ordered a sausage Burrito from Mcdonald's.  The verdict: it sucks.  Don't get it.

I am now at taco bell, eating a beef and bean burrito for 89 cents. 

Beef and Bean burrito< Sausage Burrito<Skipping class like a boss

Anyways, I wanted to post this while I'm sitting here listening to it;

This track is by Nicki Minaj, it's titled "Shittin on em".  If you can find the actual music video, you'll see Nicki on stage, waving a dildo in front of her. ("If I had a dick, I'd whip it out and piss on em"). MMM, Nicki.  I know she's crazy as shit, but you know what they say about crazy girls...

check it guys.

Saturday, June 25, 2011


Hey guys.  Back again for more blogging glory..

Have been out and about lately, with a plethora of adventures that'd really only make sense to myself.

The most interesting thing to happen to me lately?  Sit on a toilet stoned, watching an ipad video for wii u 2.
haha, just kidding.

Nah, but I did roll my first decent j.  The j had TOBACCO IN IT, folks. It was pretty cool.

I used to detest 'dubstep', because it was 'mainstream bro', but I'm starting to grow a love for skillex's Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites'.  The melody in the voice he uses is amazing.  The rest of dubstep? Mostly shit.

Unfortunately to all your skrillex fans, Im not posting that song today.

My next favorite song for the week has been "Uffie - Ft. Pharrell" ADD. SUV- Arman Van Held Remix

Uffie's voice is perfectly synched to her image in this song, it gives it a mystical effect.  Couple Uffie's song with the sounding drums and the VENGA, and your good to go. The way the male artist in this song sings about ADD, describes my life perfectly.  Check the lyrics below.

Check the lyrics below.

Sometimes I wake up in my bed
And I don't know where I've been
Heart tells me I trip to a cloud nine
Headache says that things just take
I wake up in the valley of dolls and walls surrounding me
Blonde ambitions, offerin mother's little yellow (?) helpers

Helpers helpers, helpers

Country club martini crew
Extra olives just won't do
Valium makes your soul get higher
And enables faking fire
Queen bees lose to wasps
Ritalin filled debutante
when you don't like what you see
Hiding's easy in a SUV

Schizophrenic, photogenic
Psychogenic, hallucinogenic,
manic depressive aggressive
psycho warps are supersessive
attention deficit disorder
handheld casette recorder

ADD (yeah) ADD (yeah)
SUV (yeah) SUV (yeah)

Pharrell Williams
Uh I gotta call my friend
Wait a minute, what i say i gotta do again?
Minute to minute, i feel like i'm in
The movie momento but i don't have a pen
Wait a minute hey, hey
This the type of beat that make the ghetto girls play
Take a hit of haze, it's in the drain
You wish you seen p, man you know she couldn't hate
That ghetto p, and that ghetto cash
My ghetto eyes on her ghetto @ss
You probably wanna know what planet we on
Can't help if I see everything in neon

Schizophrenic, photogenic
Psychogenic, hallucinogenic,
manic depressive aggressive
psycho warps are supersessive
attention deficit disorder
handheld casette recorder

Pharrell Williams
I know they think that we have lost it
My mom keeps tellin me that I should stop it
See what I like and Im gon' cop it
............ sh!t, Im gon' top it
With the ADD makes you crazy me
They can't see, that's why they blame me
Tell the women hi, I dip and dive
I skip and fly, Im a different guy

When I open up my eyes
Sometimes I don't know where I've been
Heart tells me I trip to a cloud nine
Headache says that things just sit
I'm driving in the suv add takes over me
Cruise control, rights for powers
So the dolls can clear with nose powder
Pull up anekatips to another game
Their party host with a malibu barbie
Pretty in pink princesses, candy flowers, fresh bushes

(skateboard, mirwais)
(ed banger)
(busy p)

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Freshen UP

Okay guys, I admit it.  I am a consumerist to the max.  I will buy shit I don't even need, whenever I don't need it.     After that I will hate myself for the consequences later.

Speaking of consequences...where did my $80 go today?

Oh right, I blew it at the mall.  Lovely.

I can't say much interesting happened today, just general bullshitting around campus and playing pool.  Finals are tommorow, so it's crunchtime.

Speaking of crunch time.  Crunch on this next track I want to share.

This next track is a crunchy blend of funky saws and african sounding drums mixed with a bit of dubstep influence.  Check this out.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Shit happens.

Back with another jampacked action post festivities.  The other day a friend invited me to come smoke hookah with him and his buddies.  I knew they'd be pre gaming as always, so I brought one of my female friends over, (she was in dire need of a smoke).  What happens next?  Same thing you'd expect when 6 people crowd around a table and get smashed/fucked up.

booze, lots of booze.  Some dude was telling me how amazing it is in vietnam/thailand, and some crazy military stories.  By this point I was really fucked up, and bored.  They brought out this old looking hot sauce, and challenged me and my friend to try it.  Upon first glance I thought, "the fuck is this?!" It had a spider on the bottle, and said "NO SURVIVORS!"

This is the bottle; "Widow Hot Sauce-No Survivors"

So me and my friend put dabs on each of our fingers.  I had a pretty good sized amount, and he had a little bitch amount, so I made him re-dab.  We count to three, and I put the hot sauce in my mouth, while he holds out.  He laughs, and instantly I feel the heat piercing my skull.  Every part of my mouth hurt and burned, like there was no tommorow.  I grabbed the nearest four loko lemonade wannabe, and chugged it.  (Not a good idea, hot sauce + alcohol).

It was shit.  I ate a bunch of bread, and it wore off after time.  After we took our dabs, everyone else took a dab, (except my female friend), and I couldn't stand her being a vagina about it, so I pushed a finger filled dab into her teeth.  She was mmmmmmmmmmmmmad, bro.

Now everyones like "OH SHI".

Fun laughs we're had.

Anyway, the only other (ridiculous) thing to happen, was one of the guys snorting bread.  Yes, you read that right, a guy snorted bread.  but, electroexperience, how do you snort bread?  You chop it up into fine crumbs, take your nose down, and inhale.  My friend promised to show her tits if he snorted bread, so he was down.  He snorted it twice, with each of us getting a flash each time : ).

After that we left, and I almost punched my faggot friend, for making me take my friend home fucked up @ 5 in the morning.

Story times over;  The next track I have for the blog is a black chick shique dubstep inspired track, that kind of pertains to my life in some ways.  Cool vibe the girl has, check it OUT!

Damn, she's cute ; )

Also: MY FIRST $100 in adsense totals!  Thanks guys, keep supporting this blog : )