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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

She smokes that peyote.

Man, I've been doing this blog for a long time. I'm in for another, and possibly last blog I post on this.

Another ridiculous nights the past weekend, I hardly remember shit.  The weekend starts off with a little bit of what the fuck I can't remember, and ends with me hitting a beezy on the beach with my new friend Sweet Tea.  Yeah, I said Sweet Tea.  I'm not talking about Mcdonald's either.  I'm talking about that Diva Flavor who sparks that good shit.  I met her underneath the pier at my cities beach, hanging out with her 6"2 Jamaican boy, named Ron.  I was just walking along the pier, checking for some hermit crabs, ($7 a fucking hermit crab @ the pet store). I walked up to them, and Ron seemed pretty apprehensive, till he realized I wasn't a cop. He was about as jamaican as that shit gets.


Later that evening I met a drunk thick red bone, and almost headed home.  She was batshit crazy, drunk, and dtf.  I had a bit of fun and bailed, leaving her drunk ass in the street 5 blocks away from her house. Pretty ridiculous, she just pulled her bathing suit down and started pissing like 3 feet away from me.  This was odd to me, because I pretend that girl's don't piss/shit.  Their girls man, they smell flowers and read cosmo.

  The next track I'm posting is "In the Dark", by Tiesto.  The song has really catchy male vocals, that fade right in and out like something in a Armin Van Buuren Trance set @ ultra.

Check it!

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