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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Fourth of Julius Caesar

Wooh.  Whats up guys?  Posting this at 6:24 A.M., still stacked up from last nights festivities.

But Electroexperience, weren't you out drinking and partying and celebrating fireworks? You must be exhausted!

I am.  I'm running on fumes, literally.  I've got adderall and monster keeping my brain on a balance.  I can't really tell you how I feel right now, because my head is in such a split, I really don't know.

Where to start;  I left my friends place around 3 ish, and headed out to pick up a good friend from her hotel.  This part of the city is amazing, with beautiful girls literally pouring out on the streets on their bikes, and longboards.

Anyway, I get to my friends hotel and she wants me to meet her mom.  Her crazy asian mom was pretty intense, I had the pleasure of exchanging a couple words with her, until she fretted off to talk to the hotel clerk.  What is it with flip moms? Their all over the place.

We dipped out to the nearest city, Palm Coast.  All my friends came out with their family, and major fireworks ensued.  My friends were doing their own shit, so I dipped out and had a bit of 'celebration water'.

This is where shit gets fun.  I hear music playing up the street, and it's this local girl playing a pop cover of flyleaf.  I am down with this.  I begin dancing mercilessly.  What I was doing looked like a mixture of hardcores two step, and a bit of wild drunken flailing.  She ends the song and lets her bandmates play a instrumental song.  We all know how fucking boring instrumental songs are.

Suddenly, I hear "LET ME GO ONNNNNNNNN, LIKE A BLISTER IN THE SUN".  Fucking love that song!  I ran half a mile up the street to dance the night away to that shit.  I was covered in sweat, and a old guy handed me a couple napkins. I unno if you guys have ever danced drunk as piss in public, but it can be a pretty intimidating thing, even with 'liquid courage'.
If you haven't heard this song, you need to now.

I'm going to learn this song on acoustic, for sure.

In other news, I met a stripper the other day, that a friend brought by.  She was incredibly skinny, and freaked me out.  It only took 30 seconds for me to get the vibe that she was crazy, but I decided to fuck with her anyway.  Turns out she was jittery because she hadn't done coke in two days, and charges $30 for a VIP dance.  She had a pillow stuffed animal she called moocow, and she stroked it's fur while making weird noises.  After awhile she started imitating a cat, (eruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuhhhh) and I really got freaked out.

Makes me wonder why alot of guys fantasize about strippers.  A shit load of them are crazy.

Anyway;  I have to post this next song, even though the producer who made it is a total sellout for fame.  I know that I normally post more house and actual dance, but I had to snag this off the top 40's, because it is just that awesome.

Aha, sike.  I just posted this because it has tha lovely minaj in it, and I can't get enough of her split personality goodness.  This track is called "where them girls at", by david guetta featuring Flo Rida, and Nicki Minaj.
Peep it guys

Edit:  Is it just me, or does David Guetta use the same exact 4/4 club pattern and synth effects in every  mainstream song he does.  Listen to the rolling snares in the hook in this song, and compare it to one of his other songs, "sexy bitch".   Listen to the drum beat/melody.  It's the same thing!

At least tiesto was cool when he did that collaboration with three six mafia.

opinions? gimme em.;



  1. the stripper sounds like a nutjob

  2. that some nice vibe right there

  3. Nicki & her big old coffee table badonkadonk.

    Sounds like you had an awesome 4th!