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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Ego Bruising

I'm back again in this blog.  I've been out doing stupid shit...but have gotten some cool projects started up, and expanding my hobbies.

Aha, so how about I'm driving down a really popular street in my city, and another honda pulls up besides mine. Seeing it is a prelude, and mine is an accord, I'm not too thrilled about this.  I like preludes, but nothing comes in the way of me and my accord.  It was a cockfest in the prelude, two dudes were maxing it out in their car.  I begin to accelerate a bit more to pass them. It was on.  The prelude speeds up and begins accelerating to roughly 6k RPMS, and I begin milking my 4 cylinder for all of its worth.  As Im passing 4k Rpms, a dodge ram to the right of me comes up, and starts charging his cylinders with full force.  In response to this, I floor the car to maximum speed, and am making headway, right until the bungie cords that catch my hood begin to fly up, and the car hood cocks up halfway.  In this hilarity, I have to laugh at myself for both looking like a dillhole, and managing to almost kill myself.  I'm fixing the hood as we speak.

Anyway, my next track I wanted to post was a remix of a amazing track by the crystal method, "Trip like I do." The remix was done by Tom Real, and is a great remix.  Tom takes out the serious male vocals, cuts in the psychedelic female vocals, and then makes the entire clusterfuck tune to the beat of a low bass crunch, and hard electrodrum sounds.  Hear how trippy the girls voices sound?  Check this out;

According to this fan site (, the voice in the background is a girl who Scott (member of the crystal method) had met at a club who called him up a few days later, while she was tripping, and left that message on the answering machine. 

The way she sounds really captures a club girl strung out on drugs.  It's awesome.

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