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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Mayfield Drift

Last night was a trip.  Ended up losing my basketball thrice in the water, yet everytime it came back.  Randomly met a old flame that was walking across the same place I was posted out.  Chit chatted for awhile, and then I bailed.  I wasn't ready to go home yet, so I went to the local walmart to dick around, and lo and behold I met a old friend I haven't spoken with much in the past couple of months.  We were on uneven terms, but he didn't seem to mind hanging out, so we showed each other our (since we last talked) new whips.  Had to race em', we've been talking shit to each other for four years about racing.

Fast forward to the fun part:  We both drove down to a strip near my house, scouting the strip for any sign of police.  Right as I stopped at the first stop sign, a police car drove by.  Shit...I waited for it to go and then had my friend line up his car to me, and start revving it up.  I had 5 seconds to floor the car as hard as I could, and I just couldn't haul enough ass to cover his v6. (I have a v4, vtech engine).  After a good 5-6 seconds I caught up with him, passing him completely.  FUCK YEAH.  Back to my house to talk smack, bullshit about life and sleep.

Been a bit of a hard day today, so I'm going to post really happy hardcore music, to brighten the day.  I don't normally post eurodance/trance, because I consider it to be really cheesy.  But this song is a personal favorite.  I first heard this four years ago, (before I seriously listened to house music), and always imagined my first rave to include this song.  

SYKE, first rave ended up being Ultra Music Festival. 

Anyway, the song has a really euphoric sped up female vocalist, mixed over some happy go lucky electrodance tunes.  The entire song is like happyness bottled up into a tune, and strung out over synthesized saws.

Check it!


  1. nice one man, drag racing well banned here in NZ, cars get impounded on first offence :(

  2. Great tune, thanks for the share!

  3. Won't be racing in NZ, haha. Thanks guys.

  4. Legit story man, v4 reppin ;)