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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

It's illegal to flirt, when we at work;

I've been lacking on the blogging lately, I really need to get my shit together.

A excerpt from my life lately, and a song, let's do this...

Well, last night I spent all day in @ school, and slept two hours.  A friend called me to return her wallet to her place, and she'd share some of her skunky funky smelling green shit. Green Jello, I'll call it. I get down there, and she's not home.  Eventually she pulls up in her friends car, and I give her her shit. We go for a walk, and she shares her jello with me. We then started walking back to the car, and my friend wants to hit up mcd's.  Satisfied, I head to the mcdonald's a good 3 miles away, and try ordering 6 piece chicken mcnuggets for a dollar, only to realize that isn't valid until 10 : 30 in the morning on the next day.  So I order the usual mcdouble/fries/tea, and get the fuck out.  The next thing I know I see the boy's in blue, pull up right behind me and turn their lights on.

Good evening officer.  Is there something wrong?

"Are you aware your tail light is out?"  "Yes I do, I'm on my way to my friend's house to get a new bulb now."
Okay, let me see your ID's... We all hand him our ID's.

O SHI, there's green jello in the car!  My friend hands me her green jello and I proceed to eat all of it, a good $10 worth of jello.  I'm pretty shookup, just making small talk with my passengers to keep me from losing my nerves.  The cop comes back, hand's me the id's, and tells me to get it fixed.

WHOO.  Don't know how many more angel's I got to save me, SHIAT.

Now that the punch lines over, I might as well include that my car is a rolling cop attention grabbing POS.  Part of the exhaust isn't attached, so the engine's noise can be heard a block away.  The front right mirror is broken off, and my tail light was out.  The hood is a shitty tacky color, and is attached by bungie cords.  This isn't one of those chamillionaire trying to catch me riding dirty type of mercede's benz, it's a beater.

Alright.  Now it's time to post a song.  The next track is the same artist as my first post, (check out my first post! : ) ) by Junkie XL.  The track is called, "You make me feel so good."  The track has these amazing fading female vocals, that makes me feeeeel sooo good.

Enjoy guys.  I won't, because my car radio just blew 15 minutes ago.


  1. Beater cars happen. I have a beater truck. The hood and roof are different colors and I haven't had a radio for 3 years... I feel your pain.

  2. You should be allowed to flirt while you work.

  3. Lucky bastard. I wish I had it that easy.

  4. Decent enough tune.
    You were extremely lucky and then extremely wasted I take it?

  5. That was a close call! Sucks about your radio man hope you get it all fixed

  6. Cool blog man! keep up the great work!

  7. It's an ok tune.



  8. I think your blog is better than most mmm

  9. @ Zertuzzi, thanks. Still working on a radio, my friend brought by a alpine radio for me, but the jack didn't fit. Fucking thing sucks.

    I'm really excited to drop a 12 in the car, and seal off the doors, to emphasize the kicks and stabilize the bass.