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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Hey guys.  Have been a tad busy lately, what with the start up of school and all.  Been maneuvering my way through boring lectures, and even worse homework.  Gives me structure to my life again, so the days aren't melting into weeks and time starts having a schedule.

Anyway, last night I headed out to the local bar to watch the boston celtic's lose to the miami heat.  Paul Pierce is a retard, for running down the clock and trying to shoot a 3.  Hat's off to Miami, even though I still hate you.  Shout out to Dwayne Wade, you fucking suck.

Anyway, miami fan's can turn away from this blog now. : D


Now you all know what day it is, do you not?  It's....DUBSTEP TUESDAY!  Today's selection was a bit hard to choose, but I believe I have found the perfect match today.
This song is titled "You shot yourself in the foot again", and is a really catchy "I messed up now she's gone' song, which I can get down to, because I've felt that way before.  It's also a really cool dub track, full of emotional rhythm thoughout the whole song.  Blare this shit in your car guys, you'll impress the whole block.

On a side note, I'm finally get my sub's for my car in the next couple weeks.  I'm not going full major hard on power 15"s, because my little honda couldn't handle that.  I'm thinking two 10's, or a single twelve, and a new pair of back speakers.  All in a budget of about $150.  I'm also thinking of deadening the whole car, so I can get the classy sound that keeps the sound mostly inside the car, (exception of the king kong thump's in the trunk).

Watch Fast and the Furious Five, when Ludacris get's out his whip.  That's what I'm aiming for.



  1. 2 10's would be pretty good. What kind of honda do you have?

  2. a 1994 honda accord. Little compact car, definitely couldn't handle the thump of a 15 : (

  3. Not amped for Fast and Furious, again.

  4. A blog with dubstep and Atmosphere? Holy shit. I'm definitely in. Followed.