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Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Preface: posting this from a friend's place.  Worst part of today is her showing me her man's stains all over her sheet's.  Glad she threw the sheet's on the floor, I almost laid on em'.

Played some basketball, delivered flyers, yada yada.  I've been helping my grandmother start her herbalife business, (a herbal mix blend product line catered towards better health.) and I agreed to help her deliver flyers through people's cars.  A old guy exited his huge ass truck coughing his lungs out, and I waited for him to get into walmart.  Then I rushed over to his truck and stuck two herbalife health promoting flyers in the side of his door.  Hope he finds the help he needs...

Anyway;  Next track is called Kinetik- by a group called wideboys.  Not a vocal track, more of a cool, bass thumping track you bump in your two 12's that sit in the back of your beat up 1994 honda accord that has a shitty hood that's held up by three bungie cords.  Oh shi

Enjoy guys.