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Thursday, April 7, 2011

New track/I'm back! Bar9

Ello everyone, been awhile since I've blogged.  Been out and about, through st. augustine and all that fun stuff.  If you ever get a chance, checkout st. augustine, and bring a longboard.  The scenery is amazing!

Before you go to oldest city of america, load up VV this song on your ipod, and give it a listen, while riding around.

This song is by a band called "original", and is incredibly catchy.  Not typical electronica/what I'd post, but it fits the bill well enough.

If you bring speakers and play it out, you'll make all the hipsters jealous.

There is also a  Bar9 dubstep remix of this song, (which I normally dissaprove of, because fuckers can't make a decent dub track), but this is awesome.

Watch the video to get the full vibe of the remix.  The sounds are darker, and grittier, and really creates a whole new vibe out of the existing song.  Find your way to your nearest 'supplier' site and grab these ! :)

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