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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Ear piercing, day 3.

Latest news?  I got my ears pierced.  The left is swollen like a motherfucker, and the right is just dandy.  Hope I don't get gangrene on my left.  What is everyones take on earrings for guys?  I hear some say both ears is gay, right ear is gay, etc.  At the time it made no sense to pay $20 to get a single ear pierced.

Anyway, I found a new track I've stumbled across from my library, that's badass, had to share.

This next track is titled "Rebound", by arty and mat zo.  If you dig trance/electronica, (if your on this blog I'm sure you do), mat zo is a must hear.

Really cool song to trance out to, the intro is more high energy, but as the song progresses it becomes smoother...Matt Zo also goes by "MSRA".  He makes alot of drum n' bass, but he pulls it off with these sweet melodies.

(If I've ever urged anyone to listen to anything, LISTEN TO THIS SONG >>>>)
Perfect lounge out/bass track.  They should replace the starbucks soundtracks with a copy of this, on repeat.
Anyone here ever play mirrors edge?  I get a 'suburban city' feeling from it.



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  2. Mirrors Edge is a great game

  3. I don't consider wearing pierce/earrings manly, but it's taste difference - you might find it cool :)

  4. Yeah I've played Mirrors Edge, fantastic game

  5. Some of my guy friends have both ears pierced. I don't think it's gay. Also, good luck with Mr. Lefty.