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Friday, April 22, 2011


Whoo, writing this post in a chair on a slow friday afternoon.  The other day I was celebrating 4/20.  Me and a couple of friends we're dicking around in the dark in a hillish area, all strung out from the days festivities.  I start to wonder around, and find this block of wood, in the shape of a cross.  Im playing around on it, balancing myself up and down, and suddenly I make a wrong move, and feel something sharp go through my sandal and into my foot. Instant mood killer.  Stepped on a long threaded nail, that went into my right foot about 1/8 a inch. Pulled it out, and limped home.  It's two days later, and the right part of my leg is sore. Usual hydrogen peroxide and bandaid applied.  Doesn't worry me, I got a tetanus shot a few years ago, but still.

Moral of the story? Don't wear sandals.

Anyway, back to electro

Been listening to Deadmau5's old stuff all day, namely off his 2008 album, "Random Album Title".
>>>>> First song I ever heard from the mau5., REALLY cool instruments used to craft the sound, check it out.
Couple of really cool tracks are on here, namely : "Sometimes things get...whatever", (See above)
"I remember", (Featuring Kaskade ;) )
Seen here ^^,
and a couple of cool chillout ambient tracks, like "faxing berlin", arguru, and 'complications'.

Check em out, and burn em to a CD.


  1. Deadmau5 rules. Such good music!

  2. Great tracks, especially the third one. Heard them all before ;D

  3. Great songs, good blog. followed! :P

  4. That was a great album, I think it's chilling in my car somewhere along with Anjunabeats and some Ferry Corsten.

  5. I've been listening to Ferry Corsten on Pandora and Deadmau5 keeps coming up. That's some good shit; I can see how he's so popular. Great post.

  6. @ Jay Reid, the original album, or a burned copy? lol

    @ Jordan, true stuff.

    @ everyone else, deadmau5 <3

  7. Great blog,
    I can't believe I am commneting twice in the same day but this content is unique.


  8. who doesn't love deadmau5? :)