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Monday, April 25, 2011

Paranormal Reactivity 2.

Hey guys.  Just got back from a friends house, where we spent a majority of the night dicking around, and watching paranormal activity 2.  About the movie: Scary as shit.  I whole heartedly admit, that I was clutching the pillow/blanket next to me, in anticipation for the next crazy shit to happen.  By the time we finished, it was around 3:45 in the morning.  Two 18 year old kids going to stop the ruckus then? Nah brah.  Next stop: Walmart.  We bought two flashlights, and began to map out our plan to the nearest scary as shit forrest.  My friend has a app on his phone that records/transmits signals from the outside on certain frequencies (Read: Ghosts) and transmits those frequencies into words.  So we grabbed our flashlights and headed out to the main trail in the forrest, already paranoid and adrenaline filled to the max from the movie.  The beggining wasn't too bad, but when you get a bit deeper into the woods, and the phone's app starts spitting out words, and showing 'signals', as to where the frequency is coming from in relevance to your position, shit gets real.  The first words the phone spit out was "Branch", followed by "Tomb".  We continued asking questions, (a la EVP style), and the word "meet", popped up. (I shit you not.) We asked, "Do you want us to go away?" and the phone popped out, "right".  It was at this time I figured it was time to head back, and good timing too, because the 30 seconds later we heard a growling noise, coming a bit out in the distance, but fairly close.  Fuck that.  We headed back to the car, and began to drive out of the area and back onto the forrest like trail that leads out of the entire woods subsection.  Before we left the app said one final thing, that creeped me out pretty hard.  "Wait".  My friend shut his phone off, (Probably because he was shit scared), but I wanted to know more.  He refused, aaaand we went home to watch ghost adventures and pass out.

and now I'm home, putting labels on flyers my grandmother sent me.

Anyway, the last post was a bit shit, as I posted the wrong version of the song I was talking about, (and can't find the correct version on youtube), so I figured I'd check the post out before I posted it.

This track is called "C'mon" ( Tiesto vs. Diplo Featuring Busta Rhymes), and is one of those typical club tracks, with a bit of fat black guy who's got a awesome presence in his voice.  Cool track, the guy who does vocals, has a sir mix alot vibe to his voice.  Check it out!


  1. Wow. What app were you using? I'm really curious to see what sort of ghosties I've got around here. Also, Paranormal Activity 2 is a great movie. I wasn't scared, but I still loved it.

  2. sounds awesome, love the feeling of being scared . Movie didn't do it for me

  3. I don't touch such stuff. Too scary.

  4. i thought it sucked, sorry brah.

  5. I never seen Paranormal activity 2, but I heard mixed feelings about this movie. I have to see it for myself :D. Btw that song is intense, is that really live? The production is too good!

  6. @thenitefalls, nah, it's pre-recorded with footage put in, lol.4