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Sunday, April 17, 2011


I've got good news, and I've got bad news.  Whats the bad news you ask? I didn't make it to dayglow.  WAIT, what's the good news?  there isn't any.  Uh, I guess that I just used a biore pore strip on my nose, and I'm a man.  Yeah, I said it, I didn't make it to dayglow.  I ended up towing gasoline, and running all over the place.  Part of me feels I could have used the atmosphere out, with that crazy 'rave feel'.  But I missed it.

Instead I ended up driving 45 miles north of my town just to sell a belonging for cash.  I didn't have enough for the ticket all week, so I would finally have covered the cost for me and my friends to go.  I end up driving the whole way there, and hear my friends bitching about "I don't know if I want to go", shit.  I end up running out of gas, a good 25 miles from my destination.  I'm driving along in my honda beater, and suddenly the car stops accelerating.  I push in the pedal to give it more gas, and the car only slows to a crawl.  The gauge: on E.  FUCK!! I thought.  Next thing I know, I'm running towards a giant sign that says "UNLEADED GAS $3.76, about a mile up the road.  That ended up being a sign for some motorcycle company.  I ran another mile out the way, and ended up at a real gas station.  Blew 10 dollars on a portable gas tank, and hoisted 2 gallons worth of gas three miles".

I get back to my friends and it's late as shit.  They all say they don't want to go.  I facepalm, smoke, and leave.  It blew, cause there was a girl up there I was digging.  Anyway, long story short:  Didn't go to the rave, missed out on cute girl, and had to hoist gas 3 miles up the road.  The lesson?  Fill up your fucking tank.

Back on the topic of electronic music.  I had the immediate idea to play this somewhere around 45 minutes ago, a classic by "Global Deejays", called San Francisco.  I haven't heard this song in a good 4 years, but it dates to way further than that.  This is one of those old school songs, like "rhythm is a dancer", but it has a much more vibing feel.  Listen to it, feels like they captured a part of san fransisco in it.  The fader effects are cool, and feel much more fitting than the glitch fading newer tracks you'd hear on the radio.

Check it, let me know what you think.


  1. too bad for the rave... song's decent!

  2. Just wait till the peak of summer when gas is 5 dollars per gallon.

  3. This song brings back many good memories for me

  4. Long time since I listened to this song ^^